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What we do

what we do

MIOTTO is a complete living concept that embodies trends and styles from around the globe.  It is elegant in essence and evokes emotions of timeless charm and perfection. 

The MIOTTO collection blends a range of materials, textures, palates and designs – it is contemporary in every aspect yet comfortable and alluring.  Elements are incorporated into the collection when they are fine, balanced, high quality and carry the spirit of world leading design that echoes through MIOTTO.  


Relax. How and where we relax is central to living the truly good life. In our pursuit of comfort, style and enjoyment, miotto has worked meticulously to combine quality and beauty in a distinguished range of lounge furnishings. Fine, quality materials characterize each tastefully individual piece. Luxuriate in leather, in the rich grains and shades of natural woods, in the touch of fine fabrics and textiles. All this and more combine to create special spaces where friends and family smile and share, entertain and unwind – relax and enjoy.


Our collection of furniture for living is about far more than simply having a place to put things – and putting things in their place: it’s the point at which function meets form – with a flair for life. Fine cabinets, buffets, tables and unique wall units in contemporary materials complement each other and your living environment, the way you want to look and live. Polished gleaming surfaces blend and contrast with warm, natural grains and materials to give visual shape, character and style – life-style.


Tables and chairs with a distinctly contemporary look and feel, designed and finely crafted to suit – and make – an exceptional, personal home environment. After all, dining is about far more than just food: it’s about taking the time to nourish and enjoy ourselves and each other. It’s about sharing – good things and good times – with those special others. And it’s about shaping the special, personal things in life to reflect our taste for style, beauty and everyday functionality.


Beds and bedding – the things close to us when we want to rest, when we take the time to stop making time for everything else. And make time for ourselves and each other, in a private, intimate space all our own. Elegant, comfortable bedroom furniture blends contemporary design with traditional quality and craftsmanship. Beauty and comfort in perfect, equal measure, the feel of quality materials against the skin. Simple, and simply elegant goes a long way in creating that special place – where we remind ourselves just how important we are, and reward ourselves with the functional luxury we deserve.


Accessorize. The key to rounding off any space or treatment is the little things – that make the difference, that make it personal. Choose from a range of sophisticated, handcrafted products and appointments; unique, contemporary forms that add the finishing touch to any space. Create your own stylish combinations, mix and match rich rugs and soft pillows, tasteful paintings and inspiring graphics. The right vase, tray or decorative brings new life to a tasteful table, buffet, wall or wall unit. And it all comes together, beautifully. Accessorized.



Showroom: Dunajska cesta 20, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija. Visit us by appointment:email #EM#696f646c44686f687c7d652668687d66777f3c707b78#EM# or phone: +386 5 9377 800.


We thank you for your interest in our products. For any further queries we would be happy to hear from you. Please contact us on #EM#696f646c44686f687c7d652668687d66777f3c707b78#EM#