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aura mattress protector 200 (40/45h)
aura mattress protector 4

aura mattress protector 200 (40/45h)

the velfont double-sided waterproof & hyper-breathable aura fitted sheet & mattress protector is made from extra soft fabric of 100% organic combed cotton on both sides which is extremely pleasant to touch .

this fitted sheet has a double function as it can be used as a fitted sheet to sleep on directly or it can also be used as a mattress protector, as its waterproof and hyper-breathable neotherm® membrane safeguards the mattress from liquids, while letting the skin breathe to ensure a restful sleep without sweating .

exclusive to velfont products, the neotherm® membrane makes our waterproof bed sheets the most breathable on the market . when sleeping on these products, the perspiration released by the body evaporates more easily to ensure a comfortable sleep without sweating .

it is elasticated all around the border to ensure that it fits perfectly throughout the night and prevents it from unwanted movement . it fits mattresses up to 200 cm in length and 45 cm in height . the waterproof & hyper-breathable double-sided aura fitted sheet & mattress protector is easy to put on and machine washable .

this fitted sheet is ideal for: people looking for organic products and who want to combine waterproof protection with a restful sleep without sweating .

2000 * 2000 * 400/450 mm

colours and materials:
white fabric: 100% organic cotton
base: waterproof and hyper-breathable Neotherm membrane

EAN codes:
aura mattress protector 4 aura mattress protector 2 aura mattress protector 3 aura mattress protector 5 aura mattress protector 1 aura mattress protector 6
EAN code product name quantity:
880105310009 aura res. matt. prot. 200
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