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duvet active anti-dust mite 240

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duvet active anti dust mite2

duvet active anti-dust mite 240

the velfont anti-dust mite duvet is made with silk-touch microfiber outer fabric with embossed design . filling is made of top quality hollow conjugated fiber with acarsan natural anti-dust mite treatment . this treatment made with plant extracts is scientifically tested and retains its effectiveness after washing . in addition, this fiber combines excellent thermal properties with a high degree of comfort to make this duvet an ideal product for a healthy sleep . made with horizontal ribbing and all-round outer trim .

the anti-dust mite duvet is available in the following weights: 250 g/m² (recommended for autumn), 400 g/m² (recommended for winter) and duo: 125 g/m² + 250 g/m² (two duvets that can be used all year round separately or together) .

the whole velfont anti-dust mite range is certified by the prestigious british foundation allergy uk, as well as by the spanish society of allergology and clinical immunology (seaic), which guarantees that the velfont acarsan natural range reduces the proliferation of dust mites, maintaining its effectiveness throughout the washes . this anti-dust mite effectiveness after washing has been clinically tested by tec (technique environnement consultants), a european reference laboratory in the study of dust mites .

ideal for people looking for softness, comfort and protection against dust mites .

2400*2200 mm

colours and materials:
white fabric: 100% polyester microfiber
filling: 100% polyester with Acarsan Natural anti-dust mite hollow conjugated recycled fiber

EAN codes:
duvet active anti dust mite2 duvet active anti dust mite3 duvet active anti dust mite4 duvet active anti dust mite5 duvet active anti dust mite7 duvet active anti dust mite6 duvet active anti dust mite 1
EAN code product name quantity:
880105310032 duvet active an. dustmite
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