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duvet yeti thermocomfort 240

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duvet yeti thermocomfort 240

velfont yeti thermo-regulating duvet is made with 100% cotton thermo-regulating fabric, which applies to cotton the most advanced technology developed by nasa, obtaining an exclusive and unique product in the market . the thermo-regulating fabric works by absorbing, storing and releasing the heat we release, creating an individualized comfort zone . it provides a constant microclimate, not too cold, not too hot . 100% cotton outer fabric on one side and 100% outlast® on the other . its neotherm® plus hollow conjugated siliconized fiber filling provides volume, lightness, softness and silk-touch .

it is ideal for people who suffer from temperature changes during the night .

2400 * 2200 mm

colours and materials:
white fabric: 100% polyester microfiber
filling: 100% polyester with Acarsan Natural anti-dust mite hollow conjugated recycled fiber

EAN codes:
duvet yeti 1 duvet yeti 8 duvet yeti 3 duvet yeti 5 duvet yeti 6 duvet yeti4 duvet yeti
EAN code product name quantity:
880105310033 duvet yeti thermocomfort
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