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kinosia floor lamp

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kinosia fl side by side

kinosia floor lamp

Special offer: 25% extra discount
fabric cylinder floor lamp . shades available in different colours and patterns .

228*228*1345 mm

colours and materials:
black fabric
violet fabric
chevron fabric
brown fabric

EAN codes:
kinosia floor lamp black kinosia floor lamp brown kinosia floor lamp chevron kinosia floor lamp violet kinosia fl side by side Kinosia 6463 Kinosia 6491 Kinosia 6494 Kinosia 6505 Diamond anfora bragi melegnano losa kalap kinosia Diamond anfora bragi melegnano losa kalap kinosia kinosia lamp
EAN code product name quantity:
880203711012 kinosia floor lamp black+
880203711015 kinosia floor lamp viole+
880203711014 kinosia floor lamp chevr+
880203711013 kinosia floor lamp brown+
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