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ceres dining chair

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Ceres dining beige

ceres dining chair

elevate your dining experience with our exquisite wooden chairs - a harmonious blend of elegance and comfort . crafted from solid oak wood and designed with a soft, plush seat, these chairs effortlessly combine style and coziness . material-wise, the sturdy oak legs provide a strong foundation, while the backrest and seat are cushioned with foam .

used fabric is not only a designer look, but also very functionality . fabric has a finish based on nanoparticles, the composition of which effectively blocks the penetration of dirt . this allows you to remove even difficult stains without the need to use cleaning agents .

445 x 560 x 775h mm

colours and materials:
beige fabric - seal 04
grey fabric - seal 85
oak in walnut colour

EAN codes:
ceres dining gray Ceres dining beige ceres grey ceres grey 1 CERES BEIGE 2 CERES BEIGE 1 ceres beige detail ceres beige detail 2 seal fabric   ceres dchr casana white pandora, Ceres dchr LQ
EAN code product name quantity:
880105420009 ceres dchr beige
880105420008 ceres dchr grey
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ceres dining chair

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