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valdarno dining armchair

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valdarno dining armchair

the luxurious and extremely elegant valdarno dining armchair will delight everyone with its original design, high quality and timeless character . in addition, this beautiful chair with armrests is fabulously comfortable . it's color option is timeless and can be mixed and matched to different colour schemes . teflon protected inside/seat material . thanks to valdarno chairs you will make the dining room a favourite place of household members and guests .

W585*D610*H810, SH470mm mm

colours and materials:
beige teflon protected fabric: kaya-02, grey-beige teflon protected fabric: sonder 040
greyteflon protected fabric: nami 94, platinum grey artificial leather
black powder coated steel

EAN codes:
VALDARNO DCHR BEIGE VALDARNO DCHR GREY VALDARNO dining armchais VALDARNO dining armchais FUSANO, JAPAIR multi, VALDARNO, RIOLO, MASSALIA, A FUSANO, VALDARNO, japair multi, ALVA, riolo, massa fusano, VALDARNO, JAPAIR multi, ALVA fusano, VALDARNO, JAPAIR multi,MASSALIA, RIOLO fusano, VALDARNO,MAJULI, OSOLIA, MEDINA fusano, VALDARNO,MAJULI,MENTE fusano, VALDARNO,MAJULI, OSOLIA, MEDINA , MENTE FUSANO, VALDARNO, majuli, medina, osolia, mente valdarno, parona , japair multi valdarno, parona, japair multi, venetto, aurelia,
EAN code product name quantity:
880102811528 valdarno dchr beige
880102811529 valdarno dchr grey


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