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grace headboard king size

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grace headboard king size

the mid-rise grace headboard was envisioned as a pairing of classic design with minimal lines . it has a rounded, slightly arched back for an extra touch of softness . while providing a perfect pairing with any of our premium mattresses, it gives the final touch to a beautiful bed of your choice . available in grey: anfora 722 colour . other colours, materials and sizes are available on request .

1800*120*1250 mm

colours and materials:
grey velour fabric: Anfora 722
MDF, foam

EAN codes:
Grace grace anfora 0001 Grace Anfora Gala Maroi Apua Belynia Tobagi 0001 Royal Sleeper grace headboard Royal Sleeper Grace, breneta, irelia
EAN code product name quantity:
880104291111 grace hb 180
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