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comfort plus pillow

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comfort plus ikone

comfort plus pillow

comfort plus is a modern pillow that features high-tech royal sleeper™ foam with cooling gel . its innovative composition helps you maintain a comfortable body temperature and reduces perspiration throughout the night, ensuring you wake up fresh, rested and ready to take on the day . the supremely comfortable ergonomic pillow is adjustable in terms of height and helps maintain a correct orthopaedic position of the body, providing support for the neck, head and spine regardless of the user's height . its unique composition maintains the correct shape and volume of the pillow . with its superb airiness and smooth, soft and pleasant nature, it will pamper your skin throughout the night .

minimum order quantity: 5

600*360*120 mm

colours and materials:
foam with cooling gel

EAN codes:
comfort plus ikone COMFORT PLUS 3 COMFORT PLUS embalaža
EAN code product name quantity:
880105260005 pillow comfort plus
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