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Marga king size bed
Marga bed white

marga king size bed

king size bed upholstered in bonded leather . mattress size 1800*2000 . pillow-shaped headboard ensures additional comfort for upright leaning . pillow-shaped and ideal for lounging, reading or watching tv in bed . clean, modern lines add a sophisticated look, that easily complements any home design and adds a modern edge to any room . gas lift base . under-bed storage . wooden slats included . available in white and taupe bonded leather

2370 x 1955 x 995 mm

taupe: MR, white: MR

bonded leather

EAN codes:
marga bed MARGA 1 MARGA 2 MARGA 3 marga talona 0001 marga talona tobagi 0001 Marga bed white marga colors Marga taupe detail w
EAN code product name quantity:
880101911042 marga ks white
880101911041 marga ks taupe
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