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Gala dresser
gala dresser

gala dresser

dresser in mdf and solid wood . classical baroque design . antique white finish on mdf and white washed ash solid wood top . 3 slightly curved drawers with 2 metal handles . curvy legs .

1105 x 460 x 750 mm

white: MDF, white washed ash

MDF, solid wood

EAN codes:
gala dresser bolgheri bed white, gala bedside, gala dresser, fi gala dresser, fionia floor, fionia table gala dresser, pitto lchr, fionia floor, fionia tab pitto lchr, gala dresser, fionia table, fionia flo Corona Gala setting Gala 7196 WEB Gala
EAN code product name quantity:
880103911052 gala dresser
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