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nozzana console table

Nozzana console table

nozzana console table

console table with black powder coated iron frame and smoked glass top .

1320*420*760 mm

colours and materials:
black smoked glass
black powder coated iron

EAN codes:
Nozzana console table Nozzana console table, royalia MS COLONNA, japair,tanasia,maggio, ovidio, nizza,n japair multibeige, salgari mink, nozzana console, AGLIANA, CALANO, japair multibeige, scarlino mirro vada, salerno, salgari MINK, nozzana, jpg AGLIANA, vada, salerno, salgari MINK, nozzana, eme
EAN code product name quantity:
880100111470 nozzana console
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