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Buffalo Leather Care
buffalo leather care

buffalo leather care

this kit contains 3 products for taking care of your leather furniture. leather soft cleaner will clean most stains and soiling from buffalo, aniline and pigmented leather . it is a water based product that penetrates into the surface to clean without harming your leather . use it with a synthetic sponge . leather protection cream loft is a water based product that gently protects leather (can also be used for aniline leather) . leather protection cream loft protects against oil, water and alcohol based stains as well as everyday dirt and grime . it will also keep your leather lovely and soft, and when used regularly prevents leather from cracking due to excessive dryness . the nubuck cloth has been specially treated so that it efficiently cleans surface from dirt from nubuck and revives shiny areas .

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buffalo leather care contents buffalo leather care
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880105050452 leather kit buffalo
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