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5 simple home styling tips

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5 simple home styling tips
You bought a new flat and have furnished it, but now you’re thinking of adding some personal touches. Small decorative objects and home accessories such as carpets, lamps... read more
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02.12 2022

5 simple home styling tips

You bought a new flat and have furnished it, but now you’re thinking of adding some personal touches. Small decorative objects and home accessories such as carpets, lamps, decorative cushions, or artwork make a space feel like a whole, unified space. The challenge you face now is how to take best advantage of such a space. You can change your accessories depending on the season to create a warm, homey environment.


When creating your designer home, add a touch of luxury to every space. Be bold. Metal accessories and luxurious MIRRORS work wonders in smaller rooms and create the illusion of a larger space. You can create some dramatic feel and sophistication with LIGHTING and CARPETS.

FUSANO, Baldur,ponale,massalia,luxury box, almakor


Start by making a mood board and create a handful of combinations that bring together various accessories and decorative items that you enjoy. Take inspiration from our great range of HOME ACCESSORIES. And remember – beautiful things work well together.


Don’t hesitate to use different textures, strong colours and materials to create depth and contrast. Combine wood and metal, change up and inspire your contemporary style with a touch of tradition, and make your home special. And choose some handmade ART that speaks to your sense of style and taste.



When choosing colours, pay attention to the different shades. A thoughtful choice of shades and subtle differences creates a feeling of luxury in any space. Use some darker, richer tones to add a touch of both mystery and glamour.

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Bastia, velino, royalia, medina


There’s no need to rush into things when furnishing your home. Take your time. Buy quality and thoughtfully designed pieces that won’t be mere decorations, but that will make your home feel comfortable and enduring. Our collection of MIOTTO HOME ACCESSORIES brings together pieces and combinations that speak of balance, and quality and sophistication.


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