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are you getting enough good quality sleep?

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are you getting enough good quality sleep?
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25.01 2023

are you getting enough good quality sleep?

We spend a substantial part of our lives in bed. But it's only when we really dig into the facts about sleep that we fully grasp just how important it is. If a healthy person sleeps an average of 8 hours a day, time spent sleeping amounts to over 25 years in an average lifetime. Almost all experts in the field agree that good quality sleep is an essential component of a healthy and good quality life.

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Most people do not get enough sleep

Our sleep needs vary as we age. Experts recommends 9-11 hours of sleep for schoolchildren, 8-10 hours for adolescents and 7-9 hours of sleep for adults. Less than 6 hours of sleep can seriously affect health, well-being, work efficiency and overall quality of life. Studies have shown that only around 33% of adult men and 37% of women get enough sleep, while the numbers for children and adolescents are even lower at 22.1%. Generally speaking, two thirds of adults in the so-called developed world sleep too little, and these are also the countries with the highest rates of cancer, cardiovascular disease, dementia, reduced immune response and poorer mental health.

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From the right habits to the right bed

Generally accepted advice from experts will, in most cases, help end your sleep problems. As with most things, it is important to create order or routine in this area. Going to bed and waking up in the morning should be done at a regular time. Have your last coffee after lunch, and lay off alcohol, tobacco and heavy foods several hours before bedtime. All distractions and technology should be eliminated from the bedroom, including mobile phones. The bed should be reserved for sleep and sex and the bedroom should not be used a work space. Darken the room and go to bed feeling pleasantly tired from physical activity (not directly before going to bed). Create a comfortable environment and ensure the temperature is between 16 and 19 degrees Celsius. Make sure to let plenty of fresh air into the room before going to bed. Another important factor in getting a good night's sleep is choosing the right mattress, pillow and bedding. That is where we can lend a helping hand. The Royal Sleeper collection has a wide range of bed bases, mattresses, headboards and mattress toppers made from only the finest materials.

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Good quality sleep

Good quality sleep, meaning an adequate amount of sleep without interruptions, is a basic human need, just like water or air. If we give our bodies adequate rest, they will return the favour with interest. It has been proven that regular and, above all, good quality sleep improves our immune system, which is key for maintaining our health and reducing the factors that contribute to the development of chronic health problems. Good quality sleep helps maintain appropriate bodyweight and improves well-being. A sufficient amount of good quality sleep helps recovery and improves both physical fitness and mental performance. Old wisdom says that we need to "sleep it off” before making any major decision. Sleeping helps clear the mind and get rid of stress, which in turn helps us process information better, solve problems and make better decisions.

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Innovation and natural materials

Because we understand all the benefits of a good night's sleep, our Royal Sleeper collection only has room for the best products marked by innovation and natural materials. Our products bring together elegance and comfort with traditional quality and craftsmanship. Beauty and comfort are expressed in a perfect balance of supreme quality materials. Our bedrooms are elegant and sophisticated and created so that you can start and end each day in the luxury you deserve.


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