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Modern and artistic bedroom
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modern and artistic bedroom
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02.04 2013

modern and artistic bedroom

boccea 0001

A both modern and artistic space, this bedroom looks like it could even belong to an artist. Every room can be brought from the ordinary, simple and boring to the modern and fabulous by accessorising. 
The sleeping area contains several black and white photos, randomly positioned above the bed and giving the space more depth and an intimate feeling. 
Randomly leaning against the wall is a Glimpse painting. An oil painting with metal colour detailing, it has a 3d effect, fits with contemporary design and can be placed both horizontally or vertically. 
Next to it we have an interesting watch and two aluminium handicrafts. The aluminium handicrafts are two Chusi vases that are quite tall and narrow. They are wider at the top, very stylish and modern. This kind of accessory gives an elegant touch and can be used as a floor or table decoration. 

The centrepiece of this room is the Boccea bed. King sized, it is upholstered in white bonded leather and has a gas lift base with under-bed storage. 
On each side of the bed there are two Donoma aluminium tables; stylish, modern and handmade decorations that give an intriguing appearance to the room. Extra storage next to the bed is always useful; the tables serve as a convenient surface on which to place smaller items. 
Added value to this room can be found in the hard wood white floor and the tall ceiling that has visible white wooden roof supporters. Every artistic person would enjoy a bedroom like this. 


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