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21st of april : world creativity and innovation day

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21st of april : world creativity and innovation day
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19.04 2023

21st of april : world creativity and innovation day

"Art and science are two strings of the same bow; two sides of the same coin" could be the silver lining of today's World Creativity and Innovation Day. Our company aspires to incorporate this idea in its everyday practice; an idea that emerged only a few years ago in the United States and has quickly spread to many countries around the world, with many events and activities that promote creativity and innovation. Today is a special opportunity to learn new skills, discover hidden talents, explore new ideas and tackle challenges in innovative ways.


Creativity and innovation are essential for solving challenges of everyday life in all areas in a society. This is true, at the least, when creating quality furniture. At MIOTTO, we thus never allow ourselves to become complacent. In our experience, a shared passion for quality and aesthetically sophisticated luxury furniture, exchanging opinions, and thinking outside the box time and again lead to good ideas.

On 15 April 1452, a man embodying ideas promoted by the World Creativity and Innovation Day was born. A man, whose logical thinking and world view truly stood out. Leonardo da Vinci, his mindset and modus operandi, inspire us to this day. In the modern day full of rapid changes, creativity is increasingly emphasised and innovative approaches are key to developing new technologies and improving productivity.


We at MIOTTO feel this day as yet another reminder of the importance of innovation in all areas and of the need to use our creativity to solve problems. We consider that only with products of the highest quality, which stand out from the average, we can help create a better and more beautiful world.


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