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wilton mattress 90

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wilton mattress 90

wilton mattress is our answer to the question of how to satisfy the comfort seekers at the highest level . the triple pocket springs embedded in this luxurious mattress provide the best possible support, taking you each night to the world of ultimate comfort that borders on decadence . both sides are covered with a layer of 100% natural latex and the incorporated ventilation ensures the fresh air circulation, preventing the growth of harmful microbes and mites . the wilton is a combination of two mattresses in one perfect product - by choosing the medium firmness on the one side, you can create an even more comfortable warm nest, while the firmer side is perfect for warmer seasons . the reinforced sides ensure that you can enjoy this luxury right to the edge .

mattress height 40 cm . extra comfort with triple pocket spring system . latex layer on both sides . air flow through built-in vent . extra mattress edge support . double side mattress . luxury comfort . 400 springs per m2

900*2000*400 mm

colours and materials:
latex, fibre, foam

EAN codes:
wilton wilton sestava  01 WILTON DETAIL
EAN code product name quantity:
880104297360 wilton mattress 90


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